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Starman Auctions advertises to qualified buyers every time! Learn More...

The correct aviation clients see your product With a list of over 58,000 qualified buyers worldwide that is updated each and every day Starman Auctions makes sure that the industry is aware of the sale.



The most important part of every auction is the setup. Learn More...

Starman gets the layout and display of your assets right the first time, every time.Scott Moore is in charge of every setup done by Starman Auctions.  Mr. Moore is second to none when it comes to placing the right part in the best area for maximizing returns. 


A piece at a time

We sell your items a piece at a time maximizing your returns. Learn More...

The only way to sell aircraft parts, one at a timeOne part at a time, every time.  Starman Auctions sells your assets one piece at a time.  This means that every single item gets the attention it deserves.


The Starman Auction Team

Expert in Aircraft and Aircraft Parts

No one knows aviation asset sales like the Starman
team. Contact us today to learn more...
We realize how difficult liquidations can be and appreciate how important it is to capture the highest possible equity. We know competitive bidding from prospective buyers will produce the highest market value. In these situations the liquidator, or selling agent, can make the difference in capturing the most equity.  Professional, an excellent reputation, expert advertising, along with organized detail in setting up the sale are important elements for a successful auction.



Zeus Appraisals and Valuations

Starman Auctions is pleased to announce their exclusive partnership with Zeus Appraisals and Valuations We are now able to provide complete appraisal and valuation services. We look forward to serving you in this new capacity.

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We spent a long time listening to you while developing our new website.  While the old site has served us well over the years it did not have the ability to adapt to the many different devices that are available today.  Our new site was developed with the future in mind.  It can adapt to mobile and tablet resolutions as well as the myriad of display options available on modern LCD monitors.

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