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Why a Starman Auction?

  • A Starman auction creates the Most Exposure in the shortest period of time
  • A Starman auction provides an Aggressive, Advanced Marketing Program that increases interest in and awareness of a property or item
  • A Starman auction brings multiple qualified buyers to a point of decision, “Act now or lose the opportunity to purchase.”
  • A Starman auction generates excitement and heightens buyer interest
  • A Starman auction creates competition among buyers
  • A Starman auction removes the necessity for Seller/Buyer negotiations  The items are sold AS-IS-WHERE-IS with NO contingencies
  • A Starman auction realizes True Market Value, on valuable or in demand items the price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale.  There is no upside limit.
  • The seller, not buyer chooses the date property or assets are sold
  • The Seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale
  • Seller carrying costs eliminated e.g. Interest, taxes and maintenance
  • A speedy process

There’s no doubt that a Starman auction is the fastest sales process around. It’s quick and efficient and that’s what makes it attractive.

As a Buyer you set your own price and establish a value

You are in control at an auction. You decide when to bid and how much to bid - how high or low you want to go.

Certainty of Knowing What You’re Getting

All of our Auctioneers deal specifically with aircraft, GSE, tooling, and aircraft parts. They are educated professionals who know value and price. Many have years of experience in the aviation field that provides a special perspective into the value of the material being sold.

Fun and Excitement

An onsite Starman Auction is an event, its entertaining and gives you the opportunity to meet up with like minded individuals within the aviation industry. Aviation buyers competing for unique parts, combined with the lively and rhythmic auction chant make for some great entertainment come and enjoy!.

Auction: The Unlimited Marketplace

Auctions allow buyers to experience the same type of excitement that is found on the floor of a commodities exchange. After the event, sellers know their merchandise sold at prices truly representative of market value, and buyers walk away knowing they paid an amount only one bid higher than what someone else was willing to pay. Everyone wins.

The auction is not a new marketing method. The first English reference is found in the 1595 Oxford English Dictionary. Evidence records auction activity as early as 500 B.C. and during the Roman Empire.

Although auctions are exciting, the reason they have been successful for thousands of years is that they work. Auctions work as well for aircraft and aviation material as they do for; Real estate, automobiles, Estate items, Antiques, repossessions and other merchandise previously overlooked as suitable auction material are all a part of today’s auction industry.

The Sellers’ Marketplace

Converting aircraft or inventory to cash quickly is a major benefit of the Auction Method of Marketing, but sellers also want to be assured they will get a fair market value. That’s why an auction is the best tool to meet that goal.

No less important is the flexibility of the auction method. You, the customer decides when and what to sell. Starman auctioneers use established and successful procedures to ensure maximum benefits for the seller. Before the auction takes place, the auctioneer meets with the potential seller to see what is to be auctioned and explain the services available. During this meeting Steve and Scott will ask questions to determine the seller’s expectations.

The Buyers’ Marketplace

A Starman Auction is a efficient marketplace. Buyers actually determine the final price and market value of the items purchased.

For first-time buyers, an auction may appear chaotic, but once they become familiar with procedures, they realize it’s more like a well-rehearsed symphony.

Buyers are provided all the information needed to become informed bidders and realize the auction market sets a a fair and reasonable price for property. During the auction, auctioneers stand where they can be easily seen and always use a public address system.

As increasing bids are received, the auctioneer’s rhythmic chant becomes a series of prices. Filler words are used to maintain the flow to the chant.

Guarantee A Successful Auction

Selecting an auctioneer is the most important part of assuring an auction will be successful. By choosing Starman Auctions you can rest assured that you are getting the most experienced team in aviation.  No auctioneer has performed more aviation related auctions that Starman.  With Starman Auctions you get:

  • Integrity and Honesty - to earn the trust of both the seller and the buyer.
  • Adaptability - to respond to the varied needs of sellers and situations.
  • Flexibility - to be open to new ideas and techniques.
  • Knowledge - to properly market and sell the product being auctioned.

Selecting the right auctioneer is the key to success.

Tips -

Come early to view the merchandise

Have a driver’s license ready

Register with the clerk to receive a number (This is your bidding number)

Look carefully at the part condition and the paperwork

Determine what you would like to pay for an item and keep in mind any Buyers Premium.

Raise your bidding number up when you want to bid.

If you are not sure where the bid is at, ASK!

You may settle your bill any time during the auction.

Pay for item before leaving the auction premises

Listening to Steve and the other auctioneers during a sale
What Steve and the guys say and how an onsite auction works!

A Starman Auction is a simple, enjoyable process with the opportunity to make some great buys and meet some new friends . If you are new to the onsite auction process, the following information will be of value:

When you arrive at the auction site you are welcome to browse. In fact, we encourage you to inspect all the parts and paperwork before bidding begins. Once you have completed your walk-through we ask that you visit the registration area and get yourself a bid number.  The clerks will ask for all information necessary to add you to the bid process.  This will include your name, company name, address, phone, email, a drivers license, banking information, and a tax exempt certificate, if applicable.  There may be additional information needed depending on the auction. Once the registration process is complete you will receive the auction catalog that lists all of the lots that are available for purchase and a bidder number on a card.  This is your number, anything purchased under this number will belong to you.  It is important to understand that everything you buy from a Starman Auction is AS-IS-WHERE-IS once the item is sold to you it is yours and you must pay for it and take it with you or have arraignments made for its removal.  Starman is no longer responsible for your purchase once the auction chant for your item is complete.  This means, that both the owner of the material, the seller, and Starman Auctions, the auctioneer, makes no representation or warranty on the merchandise. You are normally required to register and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the auction, prior to bidding. Make sure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions. If not, ask questions.

On the day of the auction Steve and the crew normally arrive one to two hours early with the auction start time clearly listed in the catalog and in all of the advertisements posted prior to the sale.  Approximately 10 minutes before the sale Steve will call everyone over to clearly go over the terms and conditions.  At this point the recording device is activated and the rest of the auction will be recorded.  Once the auction begins the items sell and a clerk creates a record of each sale, the bidder, and the sale price each.

What’d He Say???

Do not be intimidated by the auction chant. It is simply two numbers, the current bid and the bid being asked for, with filler words to keep things going.


 fowty-now-fowtyfibe-now-fibe-wiyagimme-fowtyfibe-now-fifty - the bid is 40 and the asking bid is 45, then 45 was bid and the asking bid is 50. You may notice that sometimes, only the last number is used. The asking bid is 45, but the auctioneer may drop the ‘forty’ & just say ‘five’ as shown in the example. It’s not hard to pick up after listening a little bit. Just listen for the numbers and remember the lower number is the current bid and the higher number is the asking bid. Starman auctioneers are not going to sell you something because you were scratching your cheek or stroking your chin. Unless you have given very specific instructions prior to the auction (which very few ever do), the auctioneer expects people to show their bid number, their hand, or make a sound to signal a bid. If you are mistaken as having placed a bid, stop the bidding and let Steve,Scott, or the auctioneer know. You may also retract a bid prior to the auctioneer saying ’sold’. When the auctioneer says ’Sold’, the merchandise becomes yours and you are required to pay for all merchandise before leaving the premises. Your purchases are your responsibility from the time the auctioneer says ‘sold’ and are your responsibility to move them. Please do not confuse the time to have your merchandise removed from the premises as the time you have to pay. This is not true. Any items you purchase must be paid for before leaving the premises for any reason.

A ’Buyer’s Premium’ may be added to the purchase, becoming part of the purchase price. Then, sales tax will be collected on this amount.


        You bid $100 and there is a 5% buyer’s premium. Add $5 for the buyers premium and then the appropriate sales tax is collected on this amount ($105 + sales tax = amount you owe).

A couple of terms you need to be familiar with during a Starman Auction are

’Times the Money’, ’One Money’ or 'Take them all'.

Starman Auctions sells aviation material a piece at a time.Times the Money - The price you bid will be ‘times the number of items’ in the lot.

Example: Lot #72 has 10 fuel controls and the auctioneer says this lot is ‘times the money. If you bid $6.00, you are bidding $6 per fuel control. You would pay $6 X 10 = $60.00 (plus buyers premium and sales tax, as applicable).

One Money, or Take them all - If the auctioneer has said Lot #72 is going for ‘one money’ or 'take it all' and you bid $30, you would be purchasing the whole lot (all of the fuel controls) for only $30 (plus buyers premium and sales tax, as applicable). Listen to Steve or the current auctioneer carefully. If you do not understand, stop them and have any questions resolved then and there. Please, do not wait and bring your misunderstanding to the cashier. At this point, it is too late.      

You will notice the bid assistants and packing and shipping boys on the floor assisting the auction. They are also here to help you. If you have any questions concerning the bidding process, please ask one of them. If you need help moving and item, getting packing material, or calling out a rigger or truck please talk to Scott Moore or one of his assistants, they will be glad to help.  Please remember that they work hard for you and tipping for their services is greatly appreciated!


No Auction company in the United States has more experience with aviation and aviation related material than Starman Auctions.  Over the last 25 years we have performed over 800 auctions, from small general aviation estate sales to large airline liquidations.  No job is too large or too complex.  We can provide you with an onsite, online, or mixture of both.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Steve has worked with small single proprietors looking to liquidate after a retirement or death in the family to the largest multifaceted airlines that have material spread throughout the world and need a combination of online and onsite sales.

For most Professionalism is nothing more than a "buzzword", with almost everyone calling themselves “professional”.

Starman Auctions believes professionalism requires a blend of behavior, skills, and knowledge to achieve a defined standard. These are the three parts to professionalism and they interact to produce a result that may then be described as “professionalism”.

Putting these three into action requires qualifications, continued professional development and ethics and integrity.

With Starman Auctions you get over 25 years of Behavior, Skills, and Knowledge completely revolving around professional conduct within the aviation community.

At Starman Auctions we

  1. Adhere to your commitments - Live up to your commitments every time.
  2. Realize the sensitivity of the work that you represent - Make sure not to jeopardize the confidentiality of your organization or misuse it any way.
  3. Treat everyone with respect. That means everyone - from upper management, peers, and administrative staff to vendors, clients and competitors, to the person on the phone and the stranger in the elevator.  Respect and communication in a business environment gives all employees the feeling of safety and collaboration.
  4. Value the time and effort spent by others - Do not take other for granted.
  5. Always maintain ethical conduct - Be honest.
  6. Put our best face forward - Friendliness and understanding go a long way to creating an atmosphere of teamwork.  Maintain a positive can-do attitude even during stressful situations.
  7. Admit mistakes - Mistakes can happen. Admitting mistake shows that you are not only human, but also a professional.
  8. Display competence - Competence is the culmination of what you say that you can do and what you actually can do. Competent employees know their job and which skills they are capable of.  It is not arrogance. It is an honest display of competencies.
  9. Take a leadership role whenever possible - Show that you are willing to accept responsibility and produce results.
  10. Demonstrate the core values of professionalism - appropriate attire, etiquette, punctuality, organization and dedication to your job, just to name a few.
  11. Project a positive business appearance - It has long been recognized that those who dress appropriately will behave in the same manner.
  12. Are polite in speech and body language - “Please” and “Thank-you” go a long way in establishing a good working relationship.

Starman Auctions has worked with almost every major Airline in the United States.  The current list includes, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Northwest Airlines, Midway Airlines, Independence Air, Aloha Airways, Continental Airlines, TWA and American Airlines.  We have worked with manufacturers Raytheon and Piper in addition to a long list of asset managers, trustees, distributors, aftermarket suppliers, repair stations and lending institutions.  When professionals want an auction done right they call Starman.  We invite you to review the images below and to ask us for a list of detailed references when required.  There are many auction houses large and small but only one company has focused on aviation for the last 28 years, Starman Auctions.

The Starman Auction Team

Expert in Aircraft and Aircraft Parts

No one knows aviation asset sales like the Starman
team. Contact us today to learn more...
We realize how difficult liquidations can be and appreciate how important it is to capture the highest possible equity. We know competitive bidding from prospective buyers will produce the highest market value. In these situations the liquidator, or selling agent, can make the difference in capturing the most equity.  Professional, an excellent reputation, expert advertising, along with organized detail in setting up the sale are important elements for a successful auction.



Zeus Appraisals and Valuations

Starman Auctions is pleased to announce their exclusive partnership with Zeus Appraisals and Valuations We are now able to provide complete appraisal and valuation services. We look forward to serving you in this new capacity.

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